About Us

IGES specialise in providing a superior level of support to students looking to find places at some of the most respectable universities across the globe.  Established in 2008, to date IGES have successfully placed over 2000 students and helped them realise their goals of studying abroad.

Our Head Office is based in the heart of the busy city of Oxford (UK), located next to the famous castle and within walking distance of many of Oxford University Colleges.   

We’ve built a reputation as a leading learning partner through our extensive knowledge of the education systems throughout the world. Our team here in the UK is made up of knowledgeable advisors, with extensive experience in international education who are able to provide our students with a superior service.

Our support package includes advise on academic, welfare and social issues, but we can also help with any legal or immigration queries our students have. With a complete advisory service on hand, students, their families and their prospective employers can relax knowing that we’ve got all areas covered. 


At IGES, all of our team are familiar with the language and academic requirements that international students must meet for intercontinental study within different cultures.

We provide a comprehensive review of student’s academic credentials and can provide the academic testing and preparation students require; we also use interviewing techniques. We understand that every student’s abilities will vary which is why we invest significant time into making sure that our student’s needs are met.

 Our core aim is to make sure that every delegate that comes to us is compatible with their chosen course and to prepare them completely to study internationally. With our knowledge and our dedicated representatives, we offer the complete education package.