Our dedicated councillors guide our students to find them accommodation to complement their studies, whether this be homestay or a student halls of residence. 

1. Homestay 

Choosing to live with a host family whilst studying has lots of benefits. Primarily, students are given the chance to practice their English with their host family in a comfortable environment. Consistency conversing in a native English environment aids fluency and language development.

Also, sometimes students who are far away from home can occasionally get homesick. A host family provides students with a caring environment to support students as they settle into their new environment.

What to expect from your host family?

When staying with a host family, typically students will be given a single room, but if they wish to share a room, this can be requested. Host families provide their students with breakfast and dinner throughout the week, and there will be a communal bathroom and laundry facilities to utilise. 

2. Student Halls of Residence 

Some students opt to stay in student halls of residence. This is a great experience to live with other students from across the world, and to develop language skills further.