Partner Services

IGES are extremely proud of the partnerships we’ve formed with hundreds of educational institutes all over the world, including over 100 universities and over 500 language schools.

Working closely with such a huge number of establishments allows us to offer our students a huge portfolio of courses and opportunities, and our already established partnerships make the administrative processes much efficient for our students. Furthermore, IGES experience with Visa applications and documentation checks mean that the application process even smoother.

We’re always looking for further collaborations with academic organisations and are continually looking for ways to offer our students more.

Why work with us?

At IGES, we’re committed to working closely with our students to make sure that we place them in institutions which will work for them. Partnering with such a diverse group of institutions means that we can offer our students a huge choice of course options, from English language courses, degrees and Postgraduate courses.

IGES can offer their partners a huge range of benefits including:

  • Promotion of your establishment to students
  • We work with students to assess their abilities to make sure that they match your institution’s criteria. We also work hard to make sure that the courses they apply for are right for them.
  • IGES offer up-to-date Visa advice to their students and make sure that they have all of their documentation in place
  • We take students through all stages of their application process and help with the compilation of personal statements
  • We offer transparency at every stage of our processes

Curriculum Mapping

At IGES, we want students we place work well within the institution they join and to make sure that their educational history is consistent with that of the course they wish to join. We wish to make a student’s transition to your establishment as smooth as possible for both the student and the institutions academic staff.

Many of our students are looking for a placement year in an English speaking institutions. This often works well for universities and providers who lose some of their own students to similar placement years abroad.

If you are interested in learning more about working with IGES as a partner, please contact us via email at: