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Canada’s reputation for its high academic standards is internationally renowned, and gaining a Canadian Degree, Diploma or other Certificate is recognised globally as being on par with qualifications acquired from the US and other prestigious Commonwealth countries.

The education system in Canada prides itself on its superior quality and dedication to academia, thus providing international students a fantastic educational foundation in a desirable country.

Canada as a country is bilingual and language training is a crucial aspect of education, specifically English and French. The importance placed on linguistics, makes Canada a perfect country to improve overall language fluency, something that will undoubtedly be beneficial to a student’s future.

The cost of living and the tuition fees in Canada are in general lower than other countries, including the UK and US and so makes for a more economically friendly educational experience, and one chosen by many international students. 

Fraser International College- NAVITAS
International College of Manitoba-NAVITAS
Royal Roads University ISC
University of Ottowa
University of Victoria
Colleges and Schools
ABCE Language School- Ottawa
Advantage Ej School- Whistler
Algonquin College Language Institute-ottawa
ALI Montreal - Montreal
Archer College Hamilton - Hamilton
ATC Canada-Toronto
BLI Bouchereau Lingua International
Connect School of Languages- Toronto
Coquitlam College- Coquitlam
discover english academy- Vancouver
East Coast School of Languages- Halifax
EC Canada
EF Canada
Embassy English- Canada
English Encounters- Burlington
English Language Training College-Edmonton
Equilibrium School- Calgary
Global Village English Centres- Calgary
Global Village English Centres-Tronto
Hansa Language Centre- Toronto
ICL Academia- Ottawa
IGK International Gateway Kelowna - Kelowa
ILI International Language Institute- Halifax
ILSC Canada- Toronto
inlingua Victoria
Interlangues Language School-Ottawa
International House Toronto
Kaplan International Colleges - Toronto
Languages Across Borders- Montréal
LSI Language Studies International- Toronto
McDonald International Academy- Toronto
Montreal Language Studies
NSL Camps-Ottawa
RCIIS- Toronto
SC GEOS Languages Plus- Calgary
Sprott Shaw Language College- Surrey
St Giles - Canada
St Giles International-Vancouver
Stewart College of Languages- Victoria
TAIE International Institute- Toronto
Tamwood Language Centres- Vancouver
UBC Camps- Vancouver
Upper Madison College- Montréal
VIC Vancouver International College- Vancouver
Winston College- Burnaby
Zoni Language Centers- Vancouver
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