Australia | Visa Requirements

Studying internationally will more often than not require students to have a valid Visa, and studying and living in Australia is no different. International students must make sure that their Visas are prepared and that they meet the requirements of their chosen plans.

Students can apply for ‘student Visas’ which are temporary and allow students to come into the country and stay for a designated period of time whilst studying at an educational establishment.

In order to apply for a Visa, international students must submit documents to meet the requirements as set out in the country’s Visa specification. The evidence required by students when applying for an Australian Visa do vary depending on nationality and the current country of residence. There will be lots of different areas that will be assessed during a Visa application such as the financial stability of the applicant and their English proficiency.

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Different countries have their own regulations and stipulations with regard to Visas, but in Australia, students may apply for subsidised student health cover. Students can also seek employment in the country, in line with the maximum number of hours set out in their Visa agreement.

Sometimes Visas are authorised before the start of courses and this can give students the chance to familiarise themselves with their environment and settle in. Students on an Australian Visa are allowed to enter the country using a one way ticket.

Those who visit Australia without a valid Visa may study there, but their course cannot be longer than three months without a Visa application having been submitted. 

Employment and health insurance with an Australian Visa

With an Australian Visa, students can work part time during their course (up to 40 hours every two weeks) and full time when they have breaks in their course.

Part time work is a great way to support studies and there is generally a lot of this type of work available in Australia, and the rate of pay tends to be good.  It is often easy to combine a part time job with a study timetable and earning some extra money can help pay towards accommodation and other amenities. 

In order to work in Australia, students must have a tax file number and usually a bank account. Both of these services are accessible through Go Study offices in Australia at no additional cost.

With regard to health cover, students will need to enable medical coverage via our offices before they depart for Australia.

Is there an age limit for student Visas in Australia?

There are no age limits when applying for Australian Visas and you can apply many times. Student Visas are also a useful way to experience Australia whilst studying for a short duration. As students are allowed to work as part of their Visa, requesting a Working Holiday Visa would be unnecessary.

Categories of student Visas in Australia

There are several different types of student Visas available and the suitability of each one depends on the course a student has chosen, amongst other factors. Below we have set out some of the more common types of Australian Visas, but our team will be able to advise individual students further.

Independent ELICOS Visa – Subclass 570
This Visa is designed for students who will be studying an intensive English language course for overseas students (ELICOS)

Schools Visa – Subclass 571
A school Visa is appropriate for primary, junior or secondary education within a school environment as part of an approved exchange programme.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) – Subclass 572
The Vocational Visa is for students who will be studying for Certifications that are level I, II, III and IV and also include Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.

Higher Education Visa – Subclass 573
For higher level courses such as Bachelor degrees, Graduate Certificate and Diplomas and Associates degrees, students will need a Higher Education Visa.

Postgraduate Research – Subclass 574
Students studying Postgraduate courses in Australia will need to hold the Postgraduate Visa.

Non-award – Subclass 575
Students planning to study for a courses that does not result in a qualification or award then they would need to apply for the ‘Non Award’ Visa.

How much will a student Visa cost?
Visas usually cost around $535 which students must pay via credit card through the Australian Immigration website.