Canada | Cost of Studying and Living

Canada has a huge amount to offer international students that doesn’t just stop with an exceptional educational package. As a country, Canada offers its students a hugely exciting cultural experience, one that will shape the lives and futures of those who study there.

All international studying requires a certain level of planning and preparation, both in terms of logistics and financials, so it’s good for students to procure as much information as you can in order to help them make a decision on their chosen study path. Here at IGES, we can help students at every step of the way with their preparations for their Canadian studies but to start with, we have provided some financial information below as a guide.

Tuition fees

Even with their superior education system, Canadian tuition fees are actually lower than those of countries like the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. This means that students can experience a phenomenal study experience at one of Canada’s top academic institutions and often pay a lot less than they would at another global equivalent.

Accommodation and the cost of living

Many Canadian institutions will offer their students on-campus accommodation in a variety of styles for example, shared dormitories. On-campus housing options are often favoured over private housing with students because there is much more integration with other students from different countries. Meals and other utilities such as a phone and internet connection are not always included in campus accommodation and the inclusions will vary depending on the institution selected.

Generally choosing to live off-campus can be cheaper but in the end, students do sometimes end up paying more as there tends to be more additional costs to factor in, such as furnishings.

Canada’s stunning landscapes and culture provide international students and their friends with lots to explore and so it is always wise to budget some additional spending money for trips and site-seeing.