Canada | Why Study In Canada

Canada dedicate a large budget to their education system and place a huge importance on making sure that they provide a superior service. Canada’s spend on education is above the average in comparison to the average for countries in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) and is the second highest overall among the G-8 countries. This increased economical focus on the education system has undoubtedly helped the country provide a high quality and efficient learning experience to students who opt to study there.

Canadian students often score very highly in international tests for reading, math and the sciences which is a great indication of the success of the country’s education system. Students who obtain qualifications from Canadian institutions have their certifications recognised and respected globally, and with the huge number of courses available to study, there really is something for everyone.

In terms of living in Canada, the country has ranks in the top 10 places to live in the world and has done for over 10 consecutive years (according to the UN and Economist Intelligence unit). The country is considered safe and peaceful and economically affluent, as well as able to offer a multitude of exciting cultural activities.

The larger cities, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal hold excellent reputations as fantastic cities in which to work and live due to the fantastic lifestyle they can offer residents. The health care and social security is also world leading and the country benefits from low crime levels across the board. Students who go to study at one of Canada’s educational establishments can contact any Canadian Education Centre to learn more about personal safety upon their arrival.

With such a strong academic system coupled with beautiful and exciting surroundings, Canada is an excellent study location for international students who want to experience a dynamic and unique environment. Furthermore, a qualification from a Canadian institute will undoubtedly be a fantastic foundation for their future study and career plans.