Embassy English - Australia
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Why learn English in Australia?

Whether you feel happiest in the big city or love life by the beach, you’ll find Embassy English schools in some of the best locations in Australia.

Students love the relaxed outdoor lifestyle in this vast country.  Keen to try surfing? Book our unique English plus Surfing course. You can get practical experience too; with a Student Visa work for up to 20 hours a week.

Decide how long you want to study for, how many hours per week and we’ll help you find an English course that’s right for you.

Standard (20 lessons per week) or Intensive/Semi-Intensive (28/24 lessons per week*)

Why choose a General English Course?

  • Essential listening & speaking, reading & writing skills
  • English for the real world
  • English in context (use TV, the Internet and interactive games to learn)
  • Develop a special interest or improve weaker areas with Elective lessons (Intensive only)
  • Make steady progress with tests, reports and support from qualified teachers

Our schools in Australia

  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Surfers Paradise
  • Auckland
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