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Ireland holds a fantastic reputation globally as one of the best places to study in the European Union. The country is a desired destination for international businesses from all over the world who head there to capitalise on the skills held by graduates from the country’s educational institutes. Furthermore, many large companies have chosen to base their headquarters in Ireland

Qualifications from the country are recognised internationally and are known to provide a fantastic foundation for students’ future careers and continued study. The country has a long standing history of educating international students to a high standard and their record of education achievement is ranked highly.

The country is considered very safe, with a vibrant and energetic young and multi-cultural population. Ireland is a very welcoming country and the Irish have a well-known friendly and laid back reputation. On top of a fantastic education, as a study destination, Ireland has a lot to offer international students with stunning scenery and points of interest, there are lots of things for students to do and a multitude of places to explore.

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