Ireland | Cost of Studying and Living

With each new year, financial estimates are published which provide students with indications of how much their studies will cost them per academic year in the country of choice (an academic year is 9 months in Ireland). As with any other country, tuition fees will vary from institution to another, but the average tuition fees in Ireland are currently between €8,000 – €16,000.

Pay to study (a good recommended option for the payment of international tuition fees):

Trinity College, Dublin offer a ‘Pay to study’ service which allows students to make international payments securely, quickly and economically (there are no extra hidden fees to pay for transferring the funds and students benefit from a competitive foreign exchange rate). In cases where the scheme have a local bank account close to a student, the student will not be subject to any wire fees and they can make payments in their country’s currency. 

Dublin is Ireland’s capital city and the average cost of living there is between €10,000 – €15,000, this number is dependent on the type of accommodation chosen by a student. The figure does include rent, electricity, food, books and other utilities, but also includes medicine and other social expenses. This number excludes tuition fees. The capital city of any country are almost always a more expensive place to live and so choosing to live outside of Dublin would reduce costs significantly.

Students are advised to also budget some additional funds in order to purchase one off items such as kitchen equipment, bedding, a mobile phone etc. the cost of living estimations are of course dependent on the lifestyle chosen by the student and it is simple to find ways to reduce overall expenditure, such as choosing to live less centrally and opting for a more economical accommodation option.