Ireland | Visa Requirements

Ireland requires candidates from non-EU countries to be in possession of a valid Visa that will allow them to come and study in the country.

There are different types of Visas available for students:

  • ‘C study Visa’ – this kind of Visa is suitable for students whose courses in Ireland will be less than three months in length
  • ‘D study Visa’ – if a student’s course is longer than three months then they will need to apply for this type of Visa

As with other countries, it is important that a student plans ahead and establishes which type of Visa required from the outset as typically a ‘C study Visa’ is not extended once a student has arrived in Ireland (only in exceptional circumstances will extensions be permitted). If the likelihood of continued studies past a three month period is high, students are recommended to apply for the full ‘D study Visa’ in the first instance.

If a student is granted an Irish Visa, this does not mean that they have the right for anybody else to join or visit them in Ireland.

The Irish Visa process requires a series of documents to be supplied, these must be English or accompanied by a notarised translation. We have set out below the evidence that must be provided:

  • Letter of acceptance from a recognised educational establishment in Ireland. This letter must state that the student has been formally accepted onto a full time course (which must have a minimum of 15 hours of study time per week).
  • A student must be able to demonstrate that they have private medical insurance
  • A confirmation that the student plans to return to their country of residence once their course has finished
  • Evidence that the student has the academic ability to pursue their chosen course in English (this is not applicable to English language courses). Students will also have to provide explanations for any gaps in education history
  • The student must show that the course fees have been paid for in full and that they have enough funds to support themselves throughout their initial stay in Ireland (at least €7,000)
  • The student must provide proof that either they or their sponsor have access to at least €7,000 for each subsequent year of study planned, in addition to the tuition fees.