Study In New Zealand

With its stunning scenery, impressive list of things to do, and strong academic reputation, New Zealand is a fantastic country in which to study.

In terms of size, New Zealand is around the same size as countries such as Japan and offers breath-taking countryside, fabulous golden beaches, and stunning rainforests, all within a few hours’ drive from each other. The country’s population is around four million and natives to New Zealand are often affectionately referred to as ‘Kiwis’ and have a reputation for being easy going and very welcoming to their visitors.

The country’s climate is typically quite mild with wet winters (temperatures of around 10-15 ºc) but warm and dry summers (with temperatures from 20-30ºc).  New Zealand is a little different from European countries as their summer months are December, January and February with their winter months in June, July and August!

New Zealand is very multi-cultural with an exciting mix of a range of people from all over the world such as Europe and Asia as well as the country’s indigenous residents, the Maori. This vibrant mix of cultures makes New Zealand a very attractive destination for students looking to study abroad in a fun and exciting environment.