New Zealand | Cost of Studying and Living

The standard of living and the price of goods in New Zealand are both very fair and the country has a reputation amongst international students for its value for money. The country has one of the lowest cost of living amongst other developed countries.

The average cost of living annually in New Zealand is around NZ $10,000 – NZ $12,000 and this figure includes accommodation and other traditional expenses. This figure is dependent of course on a student’s lifestyle choices but gives a general indication of expected expenditure.

 It is important that students who will be studying in the country factor in the additional costs of health cover.

As with every country, different universities and academic institutes in New Zealand will have different rates of tuition. Tuition fees vary depending on the institute themselves and also the level and type of course chosen. International students will more often than not be required to pay international tuition fees at New Zealand institutes. Sometimes international students are exempt from paying the higher international fees because they have been deemed ‘domestic students’ for example, they are enrolled on a PhD programme in the country.

Below is a rough guide to the tuition fees for different types of courses:

  • An undergraduate degree in New Zealand will typically cost in the region of NZ $18,000 – NZ $25,000 per academic year.

    Course costs can vary depending on the subject chosen with the Arts and Humanities typically costing less than the Sciences and Technologies. The former around NZ $10,000 – NZ $12,000 per academic year and the latter NZ $14,000 – NZ $18,000 per academic year
  • A Postgraduate qualification can cost between NZ $10,000 – NZ $30,000 per academic year.