New Zealand | Visa Requirements

In order to be eligible to study in New Zealand, students must hold a valid Visa. The following criteria must be met in order to apply for a Visa:

  • A student must have received confirmation that they have been accepted onto a full time course at a New Zealand educational institute. The chosen institute must be registered with the country’s government as a provider of courses to overseas students

The confirmation from the institute must detail the name of the course the student will be studying and the minimum time it will take for the course to be completed. The institute must also reflect that they are eligible to provide courses to international students. The document must make reference to the cost implications relating to the course and whether the fees are domestic or international fees.

It is also crucial that the confirmation makes reference to whether the course in question is part time or full time.

  • The applicant must be able to demonstrate that they have the funds to be able to support themselves and cover tuition fees, cost of living expenses (approximately NZ $10,000).

    There are lots of ways that a student can demonstrate that they are able to financially sustain themselves throughout the entirety of their study. Often students may provide evidence in the form of traveller’s cheques, bank drafts or a credit card with an appropriate amount of credit available.

    Students can also opt to prove that they have money available from within New Zealand. Another option is for students to demonstrate that they have a sponsor in the country who will be covering the tuition and living costs. There’s an expanse of ways to detail financial stability and the IGES team can assist all students with their applications and specific circumstances.
  • A student must show that they plan to leave the country once their course of study has come to an end and demonstrate that they have the funds to purchase travel tickets
  • The student’s passport must have a date that is valid for three months past the end of their planned stay in the country. 
  • Students must meet the relevant health criteria set out by New Zealand’s Immigration, and also meet the character requirements

When students are studying in New Zealand under a Study Visa, there are several requirements that accompany the Visa:

  • Students must not undertake work that falls outside of the Visa regulations
  • New Zealand laws and the legal system must be obeyed at all times
  • A student must be able to demonstrate that they are performing well on their course and that they will pass the course
  • A student must be in attendance at the institute named on the Study Visa. It is possible for a student to apply to change the institute in which they are studying
  • A student must leave the country before their Visa expires
  • If a student travels to New Zealand with a guardian, they must live with this guardian