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St Giles International was founded in 1955 by Paul Lindsay and his wife Diana. Paul trained to be a teacher and started his career teaching English and French to native English speakers at a north London polytechnic.

Wanting to earn some more money for his upcoming marriage, he took a summer job at an English language school on Oxford Street. The school was bursting at its seams with foreign students and he was excited by the demand for learning English. So he saved up £100 and rented a small room in a back street of Soho, London, and launched a school of English.

Since then, St Giles has grown into an international organisation with 7 year-round centres in the UK, USA and Canada, as well as Junior Summer Courses in the UK, USA and Canada and year-round schools in Brazil.


  • New York City 
  • San Francisco

Courses Available in New York:

  • General English Courses
  • International Semester Course
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • English for Business
  • Examination Courses: TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge FCE, CPE and CAE
  • Platinum Courses
  • Teacher Training: CELTA

Courses Available in San Francisco:

  • General English Courses
  • International Semester Course
  • ISC Pathway Course
  • Examination Courses: TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge FCE, CPE and CAE
  • English for Business
  • English for Art and Design
  • English for Tourism
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Platinum Courses
  • Volunteer Programmes
  • Teacher Training: CELTA and TEC

St Giles offers a choice of high quality residential summer centres in the USA,  we offer a complete package programme for our students.

  • Florida
  • New York
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco Bay

Paul Lindsay, the founder of St Giles, said "We were established a long time ago, but I am very pleased that all of the St Giles centres are today up-to-date and young in outlook, with vigorous lively teachers and administrative staff. Although we have all the latest electronic equipment, interactive whiteboards in the classrooms, self-access centres, new digital Language Labs, we haven’t overlooked the importance of good teaching. Our teachers are constantly updating their commitment to learner-centred learning and therefore the top priority of putting the student’s needs first.

We have every right to be proud of our high standards and our reputation. It is to the great credit of Mark Lindsay and all our wonderful staff that St Giles is celebrating its 55th anniversary. We look forward to many more anniversaries!"

St Giles offers you a wide choice of courses at our English language schools around the world to meet your personal needs, whatever your level, your age or your interests.

  • General English Language Courses
  • English Examination Preparation Courses
  • Long Term English Language Courses
  • English Courses for Special Purposes
  • Platinum English Language Training
  • Vacation English Language Courses
  • Junior Summer English Language Centres
  • TEFL Courses
  • Cactus Foreign Language Courses

General English Language Courses

Our General English courses are designed to help you communicate more effectively and confidently in everyday situations.

English Examination Preparation Courses

St Giles International offer short courses to help students prepare for a wide range of internationally recognised English language examinations in the UK, USA and Canada. Our courses range from Cambridge examination preparation courses to TOEFL, TOIEC & IELTS exam preparation courses.

Long Term English Language Courses

Our long term programmes are designed to help you with your future study or career path, and entry to universities.

English Courses for Special Purposes

Our English for Special Purposes courses are designed to give you the English skills and experience you will need for your future work and professional life.

Platinum English Language Training

St Giles Platinum Courses are designed for professionals, executives and mature learners looking to enhance their language ability and skills in a short amount of time

Vacation English Language Courses

The St Giles Vacation course offers a language programme combined with a variety of structured leisure and cultural activities to give you the time of your life.

Junior Summer English Language Centres

St Giles Junior Summer Courses offer young learners aged 8-17 from all over the world an educational and fun programme in a secure environment.

 TEFL Courses

Gaining a qualification in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with St Giles Teacher Training will give you the opportunity to live and work in the UK, USA and abroad, and to meet people from many different backgrounds and cultures

Cactus Foreign Language Courses

St Giles is pleased to work in partnership with Cactus Language Training to offer evening & part-time courses in some 13 languages at its centres in the UK, USA & Canada.

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