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Ranked 98 in UK
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Providing Opportunities, Driving Enterprise, Delivering Excellence

Working in partnership to enable individuals and organisations to achieve their potential through high quality learning, research and knowledge transfer.


To achieve regional, national and international recognition as the UK’s leading University for working with business and to be among the UK’s top institutions of higher education in relation to:

  • being a vibrant and effective learning community with students at the heart of everything we do
  • enhancing academic and professional standards and producing highly employable graduates for the benefit of both individuals and organisations
  • contributing effectively to the economic, social and cultural success of the communities we serve
  • demonstrating a real and continuing commitment to social inclusion.

Teesside University is a distinctive can do University with a business solutions approach.

Dynamic, confident and committed to the pursuit of excellence, Teesside goes from strength to strength as a University widely recognised as an enabling, passionate and partnership-focussed institution with a can do mentality, that organisations are keen to work with.

Students and employers have access to a vibrant learning environment in which excellent courses, great facilities and committed staff combine to inspire individuals with talent and energy to gain the knowledge and expertise they need to get into and flourish in their chosen profession.

Working creatively with employers, we tackle real world challenges, fully recognising, and committed to developing, the relationship between student learning, research, knowledge transfer and business engagement, each informing the other, for the benefit of staff, students, businesses and the social, economic and cultural development of the region.

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