University of East London
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about university

Who are we?

We’re diverse, we’re original and we’re making a difference to society. We’re the University of East London.

Why choose us?

All over the world we’re making a difference, through our world-leading research and our network of high-achieving alumni. That makes us proud. Your success is our mission.

Successful track record

Whatever you do after you leave us, we want you to have a rewarding life. Just like the many people who have used their time at UEL as a springboard to great things. It’s not about being rich or famous or powerful. It’s about maximising your potential. It’s about being what you can be. 

What will I gain?

At UEL you get more than just a degree. Your distinctive learning experience will turn you into a successful, stand-out individual.

Find the right degree for you

Some people have a clear idea about what they want to study. Some are unsure and others simply have no idea at all. When choosing a degree course, there are important things to consider. Am I interested in the subject? Will the style of teaching and learning be right for me? Can I cope with time commitment? What options will I have to continue my studies or go into the workplace when I’ve finished my degree?

How will I learn?

You’ll explore, research, debate and apply your knowledge to real-life projects that benefit society and enhance your skills.

Learning by doing

At UEL, we give you the opportunity to take your learning out of the classroom - in east London and beyond. By working on real-life projects you’ll gain the skills and experience that employers are really looking for. You’ll also be a more confident, well-rounded, work-ready person who will stand out in a crowd.

Where will I learn?

You’ll be based in the beating heart of one of the world’s greatest cities - or wherever in the world your learning takes you.
In a fast-changing global city, nowhere is changing faster than east London. It’s a place of extremes. Areas of regeneration rub up against the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf and Stratford and the iconic architecture of the Olympic Park. The biggest urban reconstruction programme in Western Europe is gathering pace and our campuses in Stratford and Docklands are at the centre of it. We take our learning, teaching and research right into the heart of this dynamic landscape. We’re in touch with our surroundings and we want to use our knowledge to make things better. It’s exciting. It’s education on the edge. 
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