USA | Why Study In USA

With each new academic year, the number of students choosing America as their study destination increases. So just why is America now the most popular choice for an international education?

Firstly, America boasts one of the highest quality tertiary education systems in the world and 7 out of the 10 of the world’s top universities are American institutes (‘The Times’ Higher Education World Rankings, 2013/2014). To add to this, 76 of the 200 top universities across the globe are also all in America. These extremely high rankings go to demonstrate the superior level of education on offer in the Country and goes a long way to exhibit just how valuable a qualification from one of these institutions is.

America is a huge country and so there are literally hundreds of institutes for students to choose from, which means there really is an option for everyone. There are lots of different types of universities, some large and some smaller, all in diverse and exciting places across the country. With over 50 states to choose from, America has a huge amount to offer the avid student that doesn’t just stop at a world class education, but includes access to a fast-moving and stimulating culture.

American universities are famous for their ‘on-campus’ life. Choosing to live on a university campus gives students the chance to enrich their educational experience and to meet lots of new people from all over the world. Universities often offer a huge choice of extra-curricular activities ranging from sports and athletics to cultural and education events.